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    Anton Hyltbring

    We do have a Web module that can be used to enter URL's, as long as the website it mobile friendly.

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    Wil Hatfield

    Yes I have seen the full page module.  I meant for queries and web results to show in a content page portion. Not in an entire page.  So lets say we had a content page with 5 videos of "homes for sale" and right below that we wanted to have a call to the web to show current available times for showing. We write the script that returns back the availability and produces a button.  Then below that maybe we show more videos.  Think of it maybe as a Remote Content Block. Same as your whole page view just on a microcosmic scale not a full page.

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    If you use the regular content page module you use the text and highlight words you want to hyperlink by selecting the #. I had the same issue initially.

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